Wednesday, April 20, 2016

My Story dengan #SATE KEBAB

My Story dengan #SATE KEBAB

Story 1:
Customer pertama adalah kakak ipar yang datang ke rumah untuk melawat. Hidangan yang disediakan adalah Resepi #SATE KEBAB Puff yang pertama kali dibuat.

Alhamdulillah sedap juga. Maka kakak ipar pun mengoder la 2 bungkus #SATE KEBAB perasa Blackpepper dan Beriani.

Story 2:
My friend a.k.a x colleague, want to order 4 pack of #SATE KEBAB chicken and 1 pack of #SATE KEBAB meat. Of cause if you buy 5 pack of #SATE KEBAB you will get #FREE DELIVERY in Klang Valley and neigbourhood.

Additional request she order is #Ayam Pandan soon to be added in the list In Shaa Allah.

So I delivered the order to her house at Bandar Mahkota Cheras. We chit chat about half and hour because you know old friend many things need to talk....hahaha...

I gave her a bunch of banana as my buah tangan to her.

That's all.....thanks dear! Hope to get order from you again and again and again....bla..bla..bla...

Story 3:
My cute and always comel x-roommate from mrsmbp. We have been slept in the same partition for almost 2 years :D in Purnamarian. She's has been my customer for "My online boutique for you" previously.

Thank you my dear for order 1 pack of #SATE KEBAB chicken Blackpepper, 1 pack of #SATE KEBAB meat and 2 pack of #Chiken Pie.


WA 01132371048 

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